FREE your outer VOICE by developing inner confidence and self-belief. RELEASE what strangles you and holds you back from expressing yourself completely.

Free Your Spirit Find Your Voice: Be Seen - Be Heard - Be Believed!
Endorsed by Jack Canfield America’s #1 Success Coach Co-Author of
“The Success Principles”™
and “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

Having difficulty connecting with people; with confidence and conviction? Feeling invisible and unheard?

Most of us stumble through life, held back by limiting beliefs that keep us from reaching our full potential; and we often blame others when we play small.

Free Your Spirit, Find Your Voice can help you break the stranglehold‘s or “nooses“ that have held you back, releasing your inner and outer voice, in three important steps:

the MAGIC of transformation
get out of your PASSIVE WAY
Create and embrace your SPARKLE

Your voice is the outer representation of your inner strength and you can’t fake it! Until you discover what holds you back words are just words without power.
We’ve all known people who own the room and command attention-in a good way. What separates them from everyone else is that they connect their inner strength to their outer voice.
When you release the power of the authentic you, the world will take what you have to say seriously, and you will

Meek Mouse has lost her squeak. She doesn’t remember where or when she lost it. She wanted to be a Teacher Mouse, but her friends laughed at her dream. With the help of a friend, Meek Mouse goes on a journey to find her squeak. Will she ever find it?

“The Mouse Who Lost Her Squeak is a book that shows children and the child within us all how to set our 
voice free and to never give up on our dreams. Children will learn a language to express their emotions through their body. The exercises at the back of the book are valuable for children and adults who had their inner child silenced. These exercises will be valuable for parents, teachers and therapists working with kids.

"The Mouse Who Lost Her Squeak" by Khursheed Sethna Illustrated by Rukhshana Sethna

Reignite the Spark of your Dreams: 3 Strategies to Refuel Success

Learn to use Feedback to Fuel Success. Explore how to receive Feedback for Growth and Learning without fear of rejection and feeling small. Coach K will cover the three key topics that sabotage our success and share with you how to use your voice to break down those walls to achieve super success!

1. Feedback as Fuel
Do you use feedback to fuel success or do you let it smother your flame?

2. Stop Settling for Scraps
Do you ignite your passions or stay in your comfort zone.

3. Bailing and Bolting No More
Do you RE-fuel, RE-plan, RE-activate, or do you run away at the first sign of failure?

Be Seen, Be Heard and Believe you deserve ultimate success!