Hello my Voice Readers,

I find myself being torn between writing regularly and having something useful to share. You, my dear readers are all discerning and have busy lives. I don’t think you want to know what I had for breakfast or what I wore to the gym.

I did want to let you know what I have been up to in the Voice World. I had a wonderful experience that I journalled about and then forgot to share with you. Many years ago I was fully immersed in training as an actor and two of my favourite teachers were Sears and Switzer, Theresa and David.

I think I did just about every workshop they offered. I was fifteen years younger and greener in mind, body and spirit. I’ve talked about the laws of attraction and noticing the synchronicities so I walk the walk. I started seeing “Switzer” everywhere. Switzer boating, Switzer engineering, Switzer moving. Okay so it was loud. One night, I was doing some research for my book on Voice and there it was on the google screen. “Sears and Switzer Voice Over Weekend”.

It was late at night about 9:30 pm; stop sniggering, some of us are early risers. I decided to call their studio number and leave a message to ask if they had spots left and, I think, to see if they would remember me. Well didn’t David just happen to pick up the phone? It was like no time had passed and they would love to have me. Yay! When I got there for the workshop it was like old home week. They could not believe that much time had gone by. But it had.

I was so at home with my actor peers and when I was given a script I just knew what to do and they loved what I did. I got to be seven and Nebula and sexy announcer and a bug! Shirley Valentine had given me the confidence that I still had the talent with voices, so I was not afraid. You know what was really funny was, that I was not the same me as fifteen years ago.

I had not done any acting or voice work in 13 years before I did Shirley; and so it was not as if I had been honing my craft. No. I had been working on me for the last fifteen years. Freeing my spirit and healing my wounds so that I could be the me I wanted to be. I realized I had not developed new talent. It was always there. What had happened was that I had grown into my Talent. I was now big enough to own it. I now believed in myself and knew I had something to offer. I was done with playing small. That’s what freeing yourself and your voice can do for you from the inside out!

Instead of being the nervous, “what will they think of me” 35 year old. I was the “I am just going to have a blast and play” 50 year old. Sears and Switzer were thrilled with the growth in me and they are going to prep me for my demo tape and I am finally going to pursue a 22 year old dream to be a voice over artist. They think I can make it in the business, but more importantly I think I can. I was good!

I never quite understood what was meant by “talent isn’t everything” and I used to hear it a lot. I realize even more why I do what I do as an Inside Out Voice Coach. I want people to grow into their talent and be as magnificent as they truly are, not in everyone else’s eyes but in their own. The voice is such a wonderful indicator of who we are and where we have come on our journey to self.

Please feel free to sign up for a Free Consultation with Dr. K. if you have any concerns with your voice or setting it free.  Your comments and successes will be greatly appreciated. www.insideoutvoicecoach.com Let me know if you are out there.

Until we Voice again…