Hello Everyone,

I apologize for going AWOL on you. Absent Without Leave. I did not mean to disappear. It is just an excuse to say life took over, I was away etc. I could have used my written voice, that you take the time and trouble to read, to say I was going to be away for a while, indeed it was my responsibility to take your leave. Apologies. Some of you know I was in my heart home in Laguna for some R and R.

WITH GREAT FREEDOM COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY is what I wrote today in my notes for my book. I was writing about Freedom in relation to having a Free Voice inside and Out. The more we work on ourselves to free our voices we see freedom in our physical voice in terms of more power and presence and better tone; and we also gain a freedom of expression where we express our needs and wants and our truth. We have talked before about how that expression of truth can be ruthless or it can be kind and compassionate. We are not going to keep everyone happy and some people will take offence no matter what, because they have not grasped the concept of self-expression from a free spirit. Freedom and responsibility do not guarantee flawless interactions.

As long as we realise that we take 100% responsibility for what we say and how we respond the rest takes care of itself. Freedom comes with a price tag. One of my favourite quotes from a very wise Freedom Guru is, “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Yes it was Nelson Mandela who said this. Just because I have a louder voice and have greater abilities in communication and self-expression does not mean I trample other people’s softer, more hesitant offerings. However, have you seen a hawk in flight with little birds pecking at its wings almost trying to bring it down? Once we have freed ourselves to soar we certainly do not want someone to reduce us to our pre-vocal freedom days.

Hmmm. So we want to speak out and we want to respect and enhance the freedom of others. Therein lies the opportunity my friends. We can only take 100% responsibility for our volume, tone, power, presence. I remember in my first marriage I was not free and so fear drove much of my communication with my X. I would talk more loudly and more vociferously because I could. I was afraid to hear what he had to say as feedback was dangerous for me. I was not respectful and I was reacting and not responding. It’s funny the more I free myself of fear and my limiting beliefs the more I am free to listen and respond. Perhaps free to use my voice less with more quality and passion. I see this over and over again with my clients too. There is more play and more exploration when the voice is free from the Inside Out.

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