Hello Everyone,

As some of you know I made a big move recently to live with my Mother in Mississauga. Now why would a 50 year old woman go to live with her Mum? No Mum is not in need of care, in that she is unwell or anything like that. She is 79 and she does benefit from having someone to do the trash and move things and take her shopping, but that was not my reason for taking this leap of faith.

I have a vision. To live in Laguna Beach, California, with a beloved  in abundance, a world renowned Inside Out Voice and Success Coach, Author and Speaker on  at least 5 continents. Some of you are very familiar with the Universal Laws of creating the life you want and as you know the first step is being clear about what you want and seeing it fulfilled and feeling it.

The key I believe is to have the vision, but not be so attached to what you “think” is the “how” of getting there. Your plan may not fit! When I am following  my own principles and walking the Inside Out Voice Talk, I sit in silence and connect with the Voice inside. Usually it is smarter than the voices in my head which are merely chatter.

I am not talking about voices that tell you to go and take a chain saw to your enemy, please go and get professional help if you are hearing those voices! 🙂 I am talking about what we call “intuition” or “gut reaction” and if we sit in meditation, that intuition and gut take on a voice of guidance. I was guided to move to my Mum’s when I surrendered my vision to greater wisdom than in my head. Yes my head gave me reasons: symbolically moving West, closer to the airport; and I wanted to travel and do workshops. That was my head’s interpretation of why I was to move and was valid. However my head also has the doubts and fears and negativity which can taint the vision and the plan.

I think there was a bigger reason for that voice of guidance, and that was to give me further opportunity to walk the talk of using my voice in a powerful way. This requires conscious responding and compassion as well as speaking our truth and asking for our needs to be met. Who better to practice that with than your 79 year old Mother who has difficulty hearing?

I confess my old Reactions (not conscious responses) were often loud, angry and hysterical when my buttons were pushed. My voice would take on an alien quality and the pitch would break and my inner turmoil would come shining through. I have been with Mum for a month now and I hear the pitch change almost before it happens and wont let it escalate. The only thing I am choking back is childish, righteous reactions and I am still a work in progress. The beauty is that it is done before it begins…most of the time.

Now that I can actually stop and listen to the inner voice I have the ability to notice how amazing a woman my Mother truly is. Instead of being irritated and intolerant I can see how she let’s things go and is such a survivor. How she does not complain when she is in pain and how she pushes through. How instead of whining about her arthritis, she knits to keep her hands supple…so much more.

I encourage you all to sit in silence or meditate even 10 minutes a day. See if you can get to the place where the inner chatter fades and the voice of your knowledge, your wisdom and your spirit can be heard. We have all said at one time or another, “I wish I had trusted my gut”. Well form a relationship with the voice of that “gut”. Trust me it is a lot more soothing and makes a whole lot more sense than the inner chatter sprouts most of the time.

Please feel free to sign up for a Free Consultation with Dr. K. if you have any concerns with your voice or setting it free.  Your comments and successes will be greatly appreciated. www.insideoutvoicecoach.com