Freeing the Voice is not always in our best interest, especially if it frees us up to whine and moan more powerfully and passionately! Yes I’m back and as some of you who read my last post probably guessed, I was in the throws of moving in with my Mum. I will give you the reasons for that in another post.

I know that moving is up there on the list of most stressful things to do; and I know that I am still a work in progress and have new AFGO’s come at me all the time. Wait and it will be revealed. Patience my friends.

Moving is stressful when you are moving to a brand new house that you are going to decorate and make your own and where you can take all your stuff. It is stressful when it is an exciting opportunity that is making you  move. Well I moved from a three bedroom house into my Mum’s house and into two rooms jointly the size of my old living room. Let’s just say it was guided and a choice was made and I’ll give you the details in another post as to what and why.

Did I handle the stress and the move with grace and joy like the Dalai Lama probably would have? Absolutely not. I was doing well for a while and then exhaustion set in at the third van load, packed and loaded, and unloaded or dumped. I began to get weepy and angry and it seemed like I was going through a grieving process. It was like being in a movie and watching it at the same time. I was participant and observer. I heard myself speaking to my friends from a wounded victim place. I heard myself tell them how exhausted I was and how afraid I was of the financial aspects and trust me I was very expressive. Pity Party Personified!

All the time the observer could see that while expressing (very vocally) and focusing on the hard parts and the pain in my back and the struggle, I was not only missing a lot of magic that was actually happening, but I was exacerbating the problem 10-fold. What we focus on we bring about. So the more I whined and moaned, I got sympathy and support from my friends, but the undiscerning universe did not sympathize but just said, very vocally, “here take more of the tired, sad, pain, financial lack that you are mentioning because we don’t understand don’t want.” PAH!

It took a while to flip it, almost two and a half weeks from the point of awareness. I think I revelled in it for a bit and for some of it I truly did not feel I had the energy to be more conscious. Still human. The beauty was that I was able to flip it when I irritated myself enough and allowed the inner coach to take over. You see all the time I was bringing up my pain and fear my observer saw the magic in parking spots that opened up for me, banks that stayed open until I walked through the door, great movers, Bell actually getting it right, my Mum and I making it through the first week without any bloodshed! Perhaps if I had had the presence of mind to just do a gratitude journal during that time and made one of my friends make me accountable for voicing the magic every day I may have reduced the actual fallout considerably.

So now as I deal with the fall out I wanted to express the magic loudly and vocally and to say out loud that I know all will be well and better than well as I am following the inner voice of my authentic self. All in all I think I did okay under the circumstances and yes I would do it differently the next time round with a little help from my free voiced friends.

I am still in the Peterborough and Port Hope area two days a week Wed. and Thurs and any other day anyone needs me to come out to play. My Mum is in Mississauga. Closer to the airport as  I plan to be a world renowned Speaker and Coach and hopping a number of planes. Now isn’t that a better more powerful message to share with my friends? Oh yes. AFGO is a term my Archetype Prof at CIHS taught me. Another Fing (flipping?) Growth OPPORTUNITY!

Please feel free to sign up for a Free Consultation with Dr. K. if you have any concerns with your voice or setting it free.  Your comments and successes will be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you are out there.