Well if keeping your cool is absolutely necessary when you talk to customer service with your “Free Voice” then I had a major learning experience today!  A certain phone company that will be unnamed had driven me round the bend, for a few minutes, before I regrouped. I have probably spent 6 hours with five different people and I managed to stay calm until number 5.

Even though I was faced with incompetence, mixed messages, lack of knowledge and lack of communication…funny when you consider their business…I managed to say my piece and apologize to the person I was speaking to, as they were hearing me vent because of the incompetence of the person I had spoken to previously. I kept my tone fairly even and I expressed that I was not happy and asked them to solve the problem. Each time I was led to believe that it was solved.

So what made me lose that composure in my being-ness and my voice with number 5? Well person number 4 was excellent and knew what she was doing and was solving all my issues and I was beginning to believe again. My body and composure began to relax. My throat opened up again and my voice had lost its edge. I am in the middle of moving and a lot of change. My body is not as relaxed as I would like it to be because chaos does affect me. Of course all that is going on in the body will be reflected in my voice. Am I glad I did a meditation this morning. But I digress.

As I was saying I am talking to wonderful number 4 (for another hour) and things were getting solved when she informed me her computer went down and had to transfer me. I was disappointed and asked her to call back but she could not. I stayed calm and asked if she would make it a warm transfer by passing on information to the next rep. She assured me she would. My body is starting to quiver as I write this and say the words out loud and my voice is now in my throat and tight. Direct correlation!

Well she transferred me and I started to CONTINUE the conversation, when the lady said she had no information and what was I talking about! Now I am DONE. NOT SO WONDERFUL number 4. It was not so much the fact that I got someone new, it was because someone lied to me and was inauthentic, someone I trusted. My body reacts very badly when I am lied to or think something is unfair. What makes your body react? It is a good thing to know this up front. I was noticeably upset my pitch and volume were beginning to rise and I knew nothing would be gained. I asked for a moment.  I went off the phone and breathed and focused and dropped my shoulders from the ceiling to my ears at least. I then explained how upset I was and made sure she heard me.

I think Customer Service is named erroneously and should be called “Customer Can we break you? I was definitely shaken and thrown off my conscious response for a moment, however I was able to pull in my tools and use my free voice and words so that I did not explode. Thanks for letting me vent and share. I invite you to notice your body in various situations and notice how your voice follows suit!

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